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Sir Tristam of Langstonhorn  

Tristam is a decorated knight of the kingdom of Blinth. He is beloved for his leadership and bravery in battle, yet he renounces his knighthood and gives away his estates following the abduction of his wife and daughter. He works as a huntsman for King Stefan and becomes a mere shadow of his former self.                        


Lady Faith


Mistress Rebecca


Lady Grace 

Grace is the name Tristam gives to a terrified, mute child he and his men find on one of their hunting expeditions.  The child is dressed in an elaborate white gown that is stained with blood. The soles of her feet are lacerated, as if she has been chased through the forest. Her bravery begins to pierce the armor Tristam has placed around his heart. 


Lady Geneva


Master Thomas


Lady Constance





Lord Coltrane